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Plexmotion LogoShinano Kenshi established new brand "Plexmotion®" as the authentic standard motor and driver which can be purchased from even single unit and started the sales of new products, as well as the sale of the customized motor and actuator for more than 45 years.

The objective of new brand establishment and new products.

Shinano Kenshi established new motor brand "Plexmotion®" as the authentic standard catalogue motor which pursued the usability of the customers to purchase it from single unit, as well as the sale of the customized motors and actuators that Shinano Kenshi had a favorable reception in the market. We had been evaluated as few motor manufactures which could cope in the demand of the customers, by offering high efficiency and customized products for the large quantity applications, such as the office peripherals, appliances, automotive applications. However, in the other hand, we took strong demands of the expanding the lineup of the standard models for the smallest ordering amount in short lead time or the supply of the authentic standard motor at the appropriate price keeping same competitiveness in the customized motor market. "Plexmotion®" was established in order to meet such demand with pursuing the usability of the customers and to deliver the desired function, in desired quantities and exactly when desired.

Advantage of "Plexmotion"™

Required function, in required quantities and exactly when required.
The conventional high-performance product had too many functions without exception, and for the customers, there was no choice unless they purchase the product, which had unnecessary functions at the cost, more than its required. As a result, the customers who purchased high-performance product had to start from fighting with the heavy operation manual to find out really necessary function. To avoid such inconvenience, we developed the product by simplifying functions only for really necessary to the customers and prepare another lineup according to each functions depending on customers' usage. In addition, as all the "Plexmotion"™ products are kept as standard stocks in our factory. It is not necessary for the customers to worry about useless stock warehousing, ordering lead-time and minimum order quantity.
Usable immediately when delivered.
"Plexmotion®" As many of "Plexmotion®" product are shipped as the package of the driving circuit and the motors, there is no trouble for the compatibility of the motor and the driver circuit. Also problem which related in the connection or wiring is minimized. Furthermore, simplified function may wipe off the mental struggle with the manual before use and even allow operating intuitively.
Patents and trademark related
Applying a trademark and patent.
Our slogan "New Ideas in Motion"
Our era is undergoing a dramatic transition in the way manufacturing endeavors are undertaken. To respond quickly to this change, Shinano Kenshi wished to contribute to our customers in the world of motion control - an industrial filed that demands through pursuit of "Motion". Our new slogan, "New Ideas in Motion", encourages us to do the utmost in order to give concrete shape to new functions and conveniences needed in various scenarios of our modern society and daily lives. At Shinano Kenshi, everything is for the sole purpose of serving our customers with innovative solutions. We commit to creating a new century of manufacturing with our proprietary motion control technology. Shinano Kenshi will continue to take on challenges by living up to its slogan "New Ideas in Motion"

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